About Sump Pumps

January 22, 2015 - Benjamin Dowson

If your house is below a water table and your basement doesn’t look like a swimming pool, then there is a good chance that you have a sump pump!

Sump pumps are especially important during and after a rainfall, so it is important to make sure they are in good working condition for when the rain hits

Here are some things that you should know about sump pump maintenance that can help your basement stay dry during a rainfall:

1) How powerful are sump pumps?
Sump pumps come in different sizes with different propellers, and there is variance between sizes. For example, just because you have a half horse power sump pump doesn’t mean it will perform the same as another half horse power sump pump.

The power of a sump pump is in large part determined by the size of the propeller. The propeller configuration lets you know how much “head” (water pressure) and volumes behind it, so it is important to be able to size a pump properly.

2) How much water can a sump pump handle?

There is a lot of variance between sump pumps with regards to the amount of volume a sump pump can pump. In short, it depends on the type of sump pump you have. Factors such as how high and how far you are pumping water out, as well as how much volume you are pumping out come into play. This can be read on the pump curve that is published by a pump’s manufacturer.

Pump Curves: Serious Business!

3) How do you maintain your sump pump?

The main thing that you want to do to maintain your sump pump is to make sure that it is not sucking up anything that it shouldn’t be. About once a year it is generally a good idea to make sure that your sump barrel is free from grit and dirt. This involves discharging the water from the barrel and removing any sediment from the bottom of the barrel. Sand and grit wear down the propellers over time making the sump pump less effective and decreasing its usage life.

Keeping your sump pump in good working condition can save you a lot of money in basement restoration in the future, so be sure to take care of it!

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