Green Plumbing

October 27, 2014 - Benjamin Dowson

Once again, it seems that the most popular color this year is green. Cars have “gone green” as have most things you can think of. Now, it’s plumbing’s turn. Green or eco plumbing is a trend which is spreading quickly among professional plumbers such as Action Auger. Green plumbing has three main objectives: use less water, recycle used water, and use sustainable materials.

If you thought that eco plumbing had nothing to do with you, the individual, think again. If all the homes did their best to go green, eco plumbing could have a very serious overall impact. So, what can you do? Actually, quite a lot.

Using less water

Some low cost, high impact ideas are low-flush toilets (a savings of 2-5 times less water with each flush) and low-flow showers and faucets (fatten your pocketbook by using up to 60 percent less water).

Recycling used water

“Grey water” is the term for water which has been used. For example, if you collect some of your bath or shower water for reuse, you are recycling grey water. Grey water can be used for washing cars, watering plants and flowers, and cleaning floors.

Using sustainable materials

Pipes and fittings come in a variety of materials with different levels of sustainability. Action Auger can give you more information and help you choose the option which is correct for you.

One nice thing about eco plumbing is that it’s not an “all or nothing” proposition. It is possible to do as much or as little as your philosophy and budget allow. In fact, you could begin with something as easy as your drain cleaner, choosing a bio-product instead of one with toxic chemicals which make their way into the water supply.

While you can toss a few rocks into your toilet tank to reduce your water usage, getting professional advice is usually the better option. The experts at Action Auger can help you decide which eco plumbing options are the best for your plumbing situation.

Green plumbing, however, is even more than reducing, recycling, sustaining, and saving money. It turns out that eco plumbing can contribute to a healthier home with cleaner water. Now those are two advantages which everyone can appreciate.