On Demand Hot Water Heaters

Loosely defined, on demand hot water heaters deliver a seemingly endless supply of hot water throughout the home. The initial appeal is being able to enjoy a long shower without ever having to worry about running out of hot water. You can see why on demand hot water heaters might be popular with large families living in large houses.

If 20 percent of the total energy consumption of your home directly reflects your hot water usage, by switching to an on demand water heater that gives you hot water in an instant you’ll see a reduction in total water usage. Its efficiency has made it commonplace in Europe and Asia where population size, natural resources and other concerns are an issue.

On Demand Tankless Water Heater – Pros & Cons

On demand and tankless hot water heaters are one in the same; they are synonymous with each other and fabulous for anyone who appreciates long, hot showers. They don’t act as a storage unit for cold or hot water, so you won’t ever run into the problem of heat loss due to a poorly insulated water tank. They cost more to buy than conventional hot water tanks, but if it is properly maintained and serviced you’re looking at about 20 good years of great showers!

On Demand Electric Water Heater – Pros & Cons

An on demand electric water heater takes up very little space and doesn’t produce greenhouse gases. Flexible installation options, can be installed anywhere, inside or outside. All the parts are replaceable. If you’re not making regular maintenance checks, there is a very small risk of not being able to get any hot water at all due to a broken, worn out part that could have easily been replaced.

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